Road to Hanoi Marathon Rally

Nine S&SCC members have just finished assisting with Rally The Globe’s Road to Hanoi Marathon Rally for vintage and classic cars.

Club Members included Fred Gallagher, RtG Rally Director and S&SCC President, and Mark Appleton, RtG COO as event Clerk of Course.  Other team members included a medic, marshals, results, car tracking and advance car.

In addition, one intrepid member competed.  Bob Harrod & Dana Hradecka entered in Dana’s 1974 Porsche. It was a 7,000 km journey through Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos over 27 days. Cars were from a 1920s Bentley though a number of other prewar cars through to 1950s, 60s and 70s Mercedes, Porsches, Volvos, a Jaguar, a couple of Escorts, a Fiat 124 and a Mustang.

Starting in Ho Chi Minh city, the rally travelled north up the coast to the centre of the country, then southwest across Vietnam and into Cambodia.  Then into Thailand and west almost to the Myanmar border, followed by north and east to Laos.  The route returned to Vietnam from Laos close to China, then travelled south to finish in Hanoi.

A tough route in parts but enjoyed by competitors and team alike.  Spectacular roads and scenery, and great competition.  

Salisbury & Shaftesbury Car Club