Dear Member.

Just a brief update on the club during covid. You will by now have received your membership cards for next year and know that the committee decided to waive the fees for the year 2020/21 as our normal activities have been so curtailed. It had been hoped to run the Bustard Rally at Worthy Farm once again on 29th November. Following a lot of research by the organising group lead by Worth Birkill, it was decided regrettably that the impositions of running the event under current covid rules were such that there was a possibility that the extra work needed would be beyond the capacity of the club. Furthermore, there would be a very real risk of late cancellation due to changes in government rules. In addition, social distancing etc. would have detracted from the general enjoyment of the event for all. We were then approached by HERO seeking to use the venue for Le Jog on 5th December. Agreement was reached for a regularity section and two special tests within the Worthy Farm complex. Unfortunately HERO were forced initially to cancel the 2020 Le Jog due to covid rules in Scotland. For a brief period they hoped to use the route from Lands End to Carlisle for a lesser event, but that quickly became unfeasible due to lockdowns in the North and their replacement event has morphed into a one day event based a Bicester on 19th December. We all hope that things will start to turn round in the spring and by next autumn we will be able to run the Bustard again and maybe host Le Jog. In the meantime I will continue to distribute anything of relevant interest that might come our way. Of course we would be delighted to hear from anybody with access to or contacts for a venue suitable for an event such as a gymkhana, autosolo, or autotest that could be put on next summer.

Regards Dick Appleton