Lima to Cape Horn

One of our Salisbury and Shaftesbury car club members is currently marshaling within the HERO-ERA team on their Lima to Cape Horn classic car rally.  This is not the first time that our members have been involved with events in South America, a number having in the past competed in or worked within the organisers’ teams on ERA events in that continent.

The event is now about half way through the total of 11,500 km.  There were significant challenges within the first few days.  Several competing cars and the organization’s trucks were none too keen on behaving in the Peruvian Andes and Altiplano at the 4,700m elevation.  Luckily, no people were affected by the altitude.  A student demonstration blocked roads and caused a day’s delay and some reroute.  One such reroute was up a barely passable, very steep, very rough, track to avoid a blocked road requiring tows for about 40% of the field, but the roads and scenery made the aggravation worthwhile.

The event is now in central-north Argentina, having traversed the southern part of Peru and the south west of Bolivia.

Salisbury & Shaftesbury Car Club