Things are starting to gather pace for the Bustard. SR’s are now published with entries opening 15th October, mainly due to the Entries Secretary being in Italy for the previous two weeks..

We have no idea if we will be inundated with entries as most events this year or otherwise. If we are lucky come the 21st Oct., then 40 will be selected by a random draw and the remaining 15 places at our discretion. This is so that any ASWMC or CMSG contenders in with a chance of a championship award should get a run. We feel that anyone who has supported either championship with their hard earned money should not have their year ruined by not getting an entry. If we are not up to the maximum of 55, then all complete and paid entries will then be accepted and entries stay open until 10th November in the usual way.

Hope to see you in November.

Singing on

Photo courtesy of M&H Photography….

2019 winners Bevan Blacker/Niall Frost