Eligibility – Tyres

During the event all cars must use tyres conforming to the following;

Tyres appearing on MSA Tyre Lists 5 & 6 will NOT be allowed, nor tyres marked M&S, M+S or Mud and Snow on the sidewall except if they appear on List 4 or the list below: (this list will be updated regularly)

  • AGI Sarek Winter
  • Avon WT7
  • Continental Winter Contact TS-850
  • Challenger Snow
  • Dunlop Winter Response 2
  • Dunlop SP Wintersport
  • Falken Linam R51
  • Firestone Winterhawk 3
  • Firestone F580C
  • General Altimax A/S
  • Inga Profil
  • Kingpin Alp 4
  • Kingpin UG4
  • Kingpin Winter
  • Kumho KC53
  • Kumho KW23
  • Marshal 857
  • Maxsport Alaska 1,2,3,5
  • Maxxis All Season
  • Michelin Aplin
  • Michelin X-Ice 3
  • Nankang Snow SV-2
  • Sarek Ecoline
  • Sarek Miva Alaska
  • Sportway R1/R1+
  • Uniroyal Rain tyre
  • Vincenti Accelera
  • Vredestein Quatrac
  • Vredestein Snowtrac
  • Westlake Sport RS/SA57/SA07/SA37
  • Yokohama W Drive

If you wish to use a tyre not conforming to the above you must email photos (at the time of entry) showing the markings on the side wall and the tread with details of the tyre to the Clerk of the Course [email protected] for validation and addition to the list.

Any spare tyre carried must also comply with the above.

You must declare the type of tyre to be used on the entry form.

Entries will not be accepted without this declaration and (if appropriate) agreement to tyre choice (see above) is reached with the organisers.

Tyre eligibility will be checked at scrutineering and will be further checked during the course of the event for compliance of section 5 of the regulations. Penalty for use of tyre not previously agreed by the organisers – exclusion.